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Listing Setup

Additional Service For Listings

  • Draft listing agreement documentation for review and collect all applicable property disclosures

  • Send Introductory email to Seller(s) including copies of needed disclosures - Follow up to ensure these are completed prior to listing activation

  • Review signatures and dates on all documentation

  • Submit listing documents to Broker for compliance approval

  • Input listing in MLS*** - upload photos and supporting documents (Agent will need to provide the property description)

  • Schedule third party vendors as necessary (ex. Photography, Staging, Sign & Lockbox Installation, etc.)

  • Set up showing instructions with agent's showing service

  • Order a seller home warranty, if desired

  • Send a printout of the MLS listing input to Agent and Seller for final review and approval

  • Once “Active” in MLS, we continue to support the listing until a contract is executed (e.g. input open houses, manage list price/expiration amendments, MLS status changes, etc)

*** Important to Note: OnPoint TCs are working in a 100% virtual and administrative capacity. The accuracy of all published listing or MLS data will need to be confirmed by the Listing Agent.

Contract Review

Contract to Close

Buyer or Seller Transactions

  • Collect contract documents, addenda and related disclosures; verify signatures and dates on all documentation

  • Send introductory email with contract and deadlines to client

  • Send introductory email to co-op agent

  • Send contract and any other pertinent documentation to the lender

  • Send contract and related addenda to title / escrow company, request title and provide all pertinent contact information

  • Confirm earnest money and option fee receipt, obtain receipted page of the contract

  • Track contract deadlines and provide reminders to agent and client through to closing

  • Confirm inspection(s) are scheduled and coordinate access with listing agent and client

  • Confirm with the title company that a new survey has been ordered based on the contract timeline or that the existing survey and T-47 have been approved for use in the transaction

  • Confirm appraisal has been ordered; follow up to confirm value met sales price

  • Request receipts for repairs and provide to our Agent’s Buyer or the Buyer’s Agent for their verification

  • Confirm home warranty coverage preference and follow up with title / escrow company for order to be submitted (Buyer)

  • Confirm CDA has been sent to title / escrow company

  • Follow up with title / escrow company for the final closing disclosure

  • Coordinate with agent, client and escrow to schedule closing

  • Send client final closing reminders regarding the final walk-through, signing and scheduling utilities transfer

  • Follow up with title / escrow company to confirm property has closed and funded; request final closing documentation

  • Submit final documentation to broker to complete file


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